Al miners and details on each miner are listed below along with reccomendations.

Reccomended Miners

  • cgminer (Scrypt and Sha256) IMPORTANT: do not use cgminer 3.8 and up unless you are using a ASIC as they have removed GPU and scrypt support. you can download version 3.7 by clicking here
  • bfgminer (Script and sha256) which you can download by clicking here

Not Reccomended Miners

  • cpuminer (Only if you are mining using your CPU, Scrypt and Sha256) which you can get by clicking here

Important note for CPU miners.

CPU Miner users: If you use minerd you need to change "http" for "stratum+tcp" on the host configuration.

Note: If you use a miner without stratum support please see Stratum proxy page to the left.

If you need help or are looking for a configuration for your miner see miner configs or stop by the Pool chat.

  • cudaminer (Only for NVIDIA Cards)which you can get by clicking here

Vertcoin Miners

Search for Lyra2RE2 capable miners.