VARDIFF stands for Variable Difficulty. This essentially means that the difficulty of your shares will rise and fall depending on your hashrate. Please note that your hashrate on the site may rise and fall drastically. This is more of an annoyance then anything else due to stratum recalculating the difficulty to your miner.

How does this affect miners?

Variable difficulty will benefit both low hashrate and high hashrate miners. Variable difficulty will fluctuate your share difficulty so that your miner submits 4 -10 shares a minute. This will drastically reduce load on the backend as well as make your miners shares more efficient in helping the pool find blocks. Currently we run a capped diff server which is currently uncapped to help reduce server load.

My shares are different does this affect my payment!?

No your payment will not be affected. All shares submitted to the pool are recorded at the difficulty your miner submits and is calculated by the serverso you will still be paid as normal once a block is found.


Please note. When using VARDIFF we strongly reccomend you do not mix slow miners with fast miners on the same worker. Example dont mix a CPU and a 7950 on the same worker, set up a new worker for each. This will ensure the best results in using VARDIFF.

If you have any further questions or a better explanation of VARDIFF please contact us via email or on the IRC.