How to use site

How do i see stats for each coin?

To switch between coins simple click the Select Coin option at the top right of the page and choose your coin. Please note this will switch the site to show all the stats of that particular coin it will not switch your workers over to that coin. You can see what coin stats you are currently viewing by the colour of the site and the menus. Blue for LTC, Orange for BTC and Purple for FTC.

Do i have to create a worker for each pool?

Yes you will need to create workers for each pool. Ensure the site is on the correct coin when creating workers as they will not be synced between all coins.

How do i setup miners to mine each coin?

To switch your miner to each pool simple change the URL in your config e.g to will switch you from ltc to ftc. If you switch between LTC and BTC you will need to change your config so that you are mining the correct algorithm (More help can be found on the forum or IRC). Please note that the mining URL is on your top dashboard and will change to the coin you are currently on.